Thursday, April 2, 2009

B. R. Lakin I am back on the blog at Salvation Links. This time my browser paused at link for Dr. B. R. Lakin. I remember Dr. Lakin from his speaking at Dr. Jerry Falwell's church and his messages televised. He was a colorful preacher who spoke with passion and conviction. His humor was a delightful part of each message. Some said he could have easily been a stand up comedian. One of his little bits of humor had to do with fellow Christians criticizing him or others. Dr. Lakin said, "I would much rather be eaten by a shark than nibbled to death by a bunch of minnows."

Dr. Lakin was born at home in a farm house on Big Hurricane Creek in the hill country of Wayne County, West Virginia. His mother dedicated him to the Lord before he was born. She was determined he would be a preacher. He was.

Lakin was converted in a revival meeting at age 18 and baptized in Big Hurricane Creek. The minister who baptized him was the nephew of Devil Anse Hatfield, of the Hatfield-McCoy feud families. One week later, he preached his first sermon and soon after became a circuit preacher, riding a mule to country churches near the forks of the Big Sandy River.

Dr. Lakin assisted E. Howard Cadle (1884-1942) at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. This Tabernacle seated ten thousand people with an additional 1400 seats for the choir. This was big by any standards at the time. Mr. Cadle conducted a daily radio program on a 50,000-watt clear channel station. When Cadle in 1942, Dr. Lakin became the senior pastor and continued that broadcast, "Nations Family Prayer Period." His listeners from all over the city streamed in to fill the Tabernacle.

This interesting blog, has posted an audio sermon of Dr. Lakin delivering his famous sermon on Heaven. Oh, you must hear this message. I wept as I he moved my heart to meditate on that blessed place called Heaven.

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