Monday, April 20, 2009

The Movie Star Who Was Not Kissed!

Movie Review by Ron English
Erin Bethea played the lead in the Christian movie, Fireproof. Erin was the leading lady and a beautiful one at that. She was lovely on screen, always dressed in attractive fashion and spoke well. She played opposite Kirk Cameron. Kirk, is a serious minded Christian. So much so that many might think him a Christian nut. This editor does not view Mr. Cameron as a "nut", but a dedicated man to the teachings of his faith. He is so sincere about his understanding of the Scriptures that he refused to kiss his leading lady, Erin Bethea in the movie, Fireproof. Cameron believes it is not right to kiss any woman other than one's wife. If you saw the movie and you know what Ms. Bethea looks like, you realize that Kirk has deep convictions that drive his decisions. I understand that in the movie, Fireproof, when the kissing scene was filmed, the lights were down and Cameron's real-life wife, Chelsea Noble, was substituted for Erin. I suppose this bit of background adds to the popularity of the Christian movie, Fireproof, in much of the Christian community. I may be one of the last to actually see the movie. Our church in Norman, Oklahoma, Bethel Baptist Church, showed it on Sunday night (April 19, 2009). The movie was very well done. Good actors, believable script and plot. Nothing cheesy here. I genuinely loved the movie and recommend it to all. The Christian message was so well played and weaved into the plot that it was just the natural thing to do (or should I say super-natural?). It is out on DVD and young couples contemplating marriage, young couples already married and all the rest of us should own this movie and watch it again. Sometimes you wonder the wisdom of showing a movie in a church setting--not this one. This movie honors God and drives home biblical teaching without ever beating you over the head with the Bible. Trust me--this is a good movie, no matter your religious views.
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