Thursday, April 2, 2009

Salvation Links is a very interesting blog. The name of the blog telegraphs the content, Salvation Links. For here you have links to a wonderful variety of sermons, videos, songs, audio messages, and printed manuscripts.

There are so many features to this blog that I have singled out just one entry to review. I challenge you to visit the site at your earliest convenience and soak up the spiritual blessings found there. This is a real treasure trove of biblical material.

On the front page of the blog there is a photograph of a distinguished looking man who is not identified. However, when you click on his image you are presented with a remarkable sermon preached back in the 1800s by Dr. William E. Munsey, a Methodist minister. The site features information on this preacher of yesteryear that adds interest and significance to the published message. The title of Dr. Munsey's sermon is timely for this particular time of the year, The Resurrection of the Human Body. This sermon would be appropriate at any time, not just at Easter time. It is a blessed presentation of Scripture, biblical facts, human science and common sense.

After reading about Munsey and reading his sermon I couldn't help wondering, where would a person turn today to find this man's work. I have not found any sermons on the Internet by him and he apparently wrote only two books--those two were collections of his sermons. They were, I believe, published after his death. The Sword of the Lord Publishers printed a small collection of sermons taken from those two books. That Sword publication is long out of print.

I salute the editors of the site for introducing Dr. Munsey to the Internet. Ministers would do themselves a favor to read all they can find on this man of God. I will share just one fact about his preaching to whet your appetite. Crowds would flock to his church two hours before he was to speak to secure a seat in his congregation. He had plenty to say and he said it well.

Regarded by many who heard him as the greatest Methodist preacher of his day. He was poetic by nature, and his unrivaled word pictures held large audiences spellbound. A kind and generous man, he gave the shoes off his feet and the coat from his back to a Confederate soldier who had none.

Dr. Munsey was born on July 13, 1833 in the mountains of Virginia. He died on October 23, 1877. He was only 44 years old. Many say he burned himself out preparing, preaching and fretting over each sermon. If you travel the mountain roads of Virgina you will find at the intersection of U. S. Route 52 and Interstate 77 (Exit 62) a marker honoring this wonderful preacher.
The sermon, The Resurrection of the Human Body can be read by clicking this link:

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